Pat's Photoprocessor

From this page, you can upload any photo (.jpg, .png or .tiff) and have it returned to you with various manipulations. Because of the internet connection, it will take 12seconds per megabyte. For typical photos from a 10MegaPixel camera, expect 20-30 seconds to get your photo back.

Once you get your photo back, you can right-click and copy it to your favorite word processor, or save to disk. Or just look at it. Unfortunately, right-click-save-as does not work in Firefox; sorry.

Enter file name to send:

Change to black & white
Do not change size 1024 pixels on largest side 800 pixels 640 pixels 128 pixels
no rotation clockwise counter-clockwise
This web page does not save your images. The only record I keep is the date & time, and statistics on the file size & type. Sorry, but EXIF data is not preserved. If you wish to see the source code, click here